I was born in the zoo. At least, that’s what he said.

Hello readers! *eseiimann… xP* Or should I say reader? For as far as I am concerned, my blog is only viewed by Alin..so far. Heh. Bad joke, no? O well. Today, I was fooled again. Fooled by the unpredictable weather that is. Heh… not literally saying of course!

 For a start, I was NOT born in the zoo,kay? I was just putting that one up, coz it sounds kewl. Heh. Ever came across with not-so-lame birthday greetings *insert bday tone* that can never get old?? Say like, “Happy Birthday to youuu…You were born in the zoo…you look like a monkey…and you smell like one too!” . Geddit?? No?  Ah well.

 …Boy, am I glad the weekend is not over yet!  How could a weekend pass without one? xP Had a funfaboloustic ‘event’ just earlier today. Let’s just say that my birthday didn’t turn out that ‘mundane’ at all. Was least expecting for any Birthday surprises, for as I figure not many actually learned about my birthdate, especially when you don’t live with any other Bruneian girls under one roof. So, before the impromptu b’day surprise, I had already set in mind what I would do to commemorate my 21st birthday. Was already planning to just go out and celebrate the day with a stroll on a delightful Sunday afternoon around the city, then maybe treat myself to ‘yampui’ at the Pizza hut and lastly engross myself with a good book. boring much? Heh. a lonesome asian girl who just doesnt know how to have fun.. talking about emo,dang!

  …but Nahhh! I didn’t turn out to be like a-lonesome-emo-asian-girl! Many thanks to the Bath girls!! Little did I know that all appeared at the front of my entrance flat and surprised me with a Morange cake! *i likeeee*. T’was finger lickin’ awesome, I must say. And, a couple of doughnuts, gorgeously filled with savouring creamy custard and sexy crimson strawberries~~ *a bit exaggerated, you say?* HAHA. my point, really xP

  But yes, I was over the moon. Terima kasih daun keladi. You girls ROCK! But…But..another thing, Homaigoat! despite the wonderful ‘feast’ we were having kan, they caught me little off guard as they bombarded me with 21 personal questions. We’re talking about 21 questions here mann.. bnyak jua soalan atu tuu~ Wish I was 12 (nyehh..) Heh. As if that wasn’t bad enough, couldn’t believe I let myself answer most of them TRUTHFULLY! Cam banar lg sulku tu menjawab ahh. Aduii… jara ku jara! Tau tia nahhh sapa bakal lakiku~ *inside joke* But I had a greaaaaat time! and that is all what matters the most.

 On a related note, I made myself what I call a “Birthday graffiti”. It’s like awarding myself for being a wise woman that I have become. hahaha…NOT! T’was just purely the ‘creativeness’ that I have in me. Errrr.. Will upload the pictures in my next post, yes?


 Alin: Allah Selamatkan Kamuu….
             Allah Selamatkan Kamuuu…..

             Allah Selamatkan Dyg Aimi Liyana….
             Allah Selamatkan Kamuuuu………..

Yours Truly: Selamat!! *hugs c Alin* (my bff) haha! aku sayang kamu selamanya jua.

P/s. Pitcroft Avenue girls also ROCK my Socks! (Haha, hope that doesnt sound THAT lame xP)


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